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    Studying abroad is a complex and expensive business: the cost of a year can vary from hundreds of thousands to one and a half million rubles per year. We advise you on which educational institutions you should pay attention to.

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    It teaches not only how to play a musical instrument well, but also how to interact with the industry. Among the directions — vocals, playing instruments, music business, production and songwriting it is taught, for a moment, vocalist Lamb.

    On the territory of the Institute there are several rehearsal bases and small studios: young musicians gather groups, record demos and organize concerts without leaving the walls of their native University, and student journalists publish LDN magazine, where they talk about their colleagues and interview masters from big show business.

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    Senior colleagues ranging from Chuck D to Brian may also visit students, telling them about the intricacies of their work and leaving Souvenirs: in one of the halls, for example, you can admire an autographed Niall Rogers guitar.

    In General, there is a whole model of the music industry-and the model is quite working. Royal Academy of Music.

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    The oldest Conservatory in the United Kingdom, under the personal patronage of Her Majesty, will celebrate its bicentenary in