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    It is important that the IGF is conducted in a transparent manner. This means that wider relevant communities, beyond the organizing team, need to be properly informed about the work plan. This will be done by keeping interested stakeholders and the wider community informed, as well as through the publication of the key messages of this IGF after the event.

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    The organizing committee of the IGF has the responsibility to organize the meeting and develop the overall program that will encompass the views of the wider community. To this end, we will be conducting rounds of public consultations on the substantive meeting program, including via a call for contributions, as ways to ensure inclusiveness. As the decision-making process of the IGF is bottom-up by nature, the manner in which we organize the meeting includes incorporating and reflecting the views of the community directly from the source into the agenda and processes.

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    The multistakeholder approach refers to collaboration between all stakeholder groups on an equal footing private sector, civil society, government and technical communityaround development and implementation of an array of Internet-related principles, norms, rules, decision making procedures, and policies and programs. Given that, as a rule, all IGF initiatives are non-commercial not-for-profitthis event is not home work internet fórum for the purpose of gaining profit.

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    This means that the attendance at the annual meeting as well as the cost of participation for all interested stakeholders during the preparatory process and the meeting day are free of charge.